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Reverse Osmosis

Kalsep’s reverse osmosis systems utilise thin-film wound composite membranes, characterised by a remarkably high rejection rate. The high surface resistance of these membranes ensures a long life cycle, which results in reduced operating costs, even with a high solids concentration in the feed water.

Kalsep designs are based around practical, standardised system components that allow standard designs to be tailored to customer requirements. This provides a customer orientated solution with the assurance of a reliable operating system as well as efficient and cost effective production.

Depending on flow rate required, wall mounted units can be supplied to minimise space requirements and supply from 20 l/hr up to 400 l/hr, with larger skid mounted units providing the higher flow rates required.

The Technology

  • Industrial water treatment
  • Boiler feed water treatment – demineralisation
  • High log removals of microorganisms including cryptosporidium, bacteria and viruses
  • Waste water treatment
  • Semiconductor applications
  • Sea water desalination
  • Surface water treatment
  • Ground water treatment
  • Process applications


  • Wide product range
  • High flux
  • High salt rejection
  • Reduction in fouling rate
  • Proven systems design and installation
  • Customised solutions
  • Full after sales support and servicing
  • Full range of pretreatment options including Ultrafiltration and FIBROTEX®