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A range of compact, fully automatic, self-cleaning fibrous depth filtration systems designed to eliminate or reduce particulates in aqueous feed streams, either prior to use in the process, or before discharge from the process. FIBROTEX® enables a choice of water sources, including boreholes, rivers and canals to be utilised, minimising the consumption of costly mains water. FIBROTEX® filters are based on a unique, yet proven technology and use advanced materials and construction techniques to provide effective, compact and reliable filtration solutions to the water quality problems of industry. FIBROTEX® is included in the List of Approved products for use in Public Water Supply in the United Kingdom.  
The Technology
Filtration – The FIBROTEX® filter element comprises thousands of high performance synthetic fibres arranged in a bundle around a central core. During filtration, the fibre bundle is twisted and compressed, to form a tight helical matrix. The feed stream passes radially from the outside to the inside of the element, with particulates being captured within the fibrous matrix and held until the element reaches a pre-set loading. Backwashing – When the filter element is fully loaded, an automatic backwash cycle is initiated. During backwashing, the element is first untwisted and stretched and is then ‘wrung out’ by an alternate twisting motion. A small ‘backwash’ flow of water is introduced during the backwash cycle, and this is drawn into the individual fibres and expelled, along with the dirt, as the fibres are alternatively stretched, squeezed and relaxed. A highly concentrated backwash stream leaves the system before the next filtration cycle commences. FIBROTEX® brochure  |  FIBROTEX® AX5 Datasheet   |  FIBROTEX® Polishing brochure