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Container Equipment

Kalsep UK Ltd has containerised water treatment capabilities for a worldwide customer base including municipal and industrial applications. Using patented FIBROTEX® depth filters or membrane technologies, containerised versions are in regular use, with the advantage that they can be readily transported to provide emergency water treatment where needed.

Mobile Containerised Plants

  • Protect your customers from outbreaks of Cryptosporidia and Giardia
  • Combat seasonal contamination
    Maximise resources during periods of peak demand
  • Eliminate short-term problems caused by sudden turbidity increases
  • Maintain existing supplies while traditional filters are offline for refurbishment
  • Quickly locate new filtration plant at otherwise inaccessible sites


  • Supplied for both FIBROTEX® and UF, complete with all ancillary equipment including pumps, compressors and chemical dosing units
  • Specialised systems are also available incorporating telemetry and monitoring equipment
  • Process flow rates typically from 1-10 Mld per container
  • PLC controlled automatic operation
  • Flexibility to treat various water qualities
Wastewater Container Equipment